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SPCC Deadline Extended... Are You Prepared?


Shawn Lambert

In recent months, our Safety and Risk Management team has fielded many questions about the SPCC EPA deadline for on farm fuel and storage in certain capacities.

Originally announced as a November 2011 deadline, it has been extended by the US EPA until May 2013. That extension does not mean you can postpone creating a plan. Since 1973, EPA SPCC regulations have stated that growers must maintain a written plan, provide secondary containment and have emergency response capabilities (absorbants for small spills and contractors contacts for large spills).  

You do need a plan for your operation if you have storage between 1,320 gallons and 10,000 gallons... but please review the provided US EPA documentation to learn more:

The purpose of creating a plan is to think through the important consequences and document your preparedness in the event of a leak, spill or incident on your farm. Many customers have used the free, helpful resource offered by the Asmark Institute to complete their required plans. Check out the Institute site. It provides an online tool for creating and printing your own customized SPCC plan, and it is relatively fast and user-friendly.

Should you require the services of an SPCC Consultant, here are three contacts Co-Alliance Safety and Risk Manager Shawn Lambert suggests: 

Mundell and Associates  (317) 630-9060
Ray Wilson (317) 408-7418
Leonard Meador (765) 427-3155  

As always, Co-Alliance customers are encouraged to contact our team if you have questions about SPCC compliance.

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