New Probes... Find One Near You!

Co-Alliance has invested in new regional weather stations to enable customers and local employees to more closely monitor a variety of conditions. Please take advantage of the new information by clicking on the link which identifies the probe nearest you... and also help us improve this resource by providing your feedback to our Agronomy and Technology Teams.  Click the link below, and see for yourself!

And one site in Atlanta, Ohio 43145

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Our probes are positioned at varying depths to give you a more complete picture. Probe 1 is at 2-3" deep. Probe 2 is at 6" deep. Probe 3 is at 15" deep, and Probe 4 is at 30" deep.

Especially this season, it is critical to understand what the moisture reading means. If you have questions, let's talk about it! Contact your Co-Alliance Agronomy and Technology Team.

Moisture Readings:   And What They Mean to Soil Condition

0-10        Means saturated soil. This occurrs for a day or two after a rain.

10-20      Soil is adequately wet.

30-60      Usual range to irrigate or water.

60-100    Crop is under stress.

100-200   Soil is becoming dangerously dry for max production.

  Please take a moment to explore all the capabilities these advanced probes can offer. We believe growers will find the amount of local information very helpful!