Meet Co-Alliance's Jeff Taylor...

  The expert assessment Jeff delivers can't be achieved through reviewing spreadsheets at a desk. It requires walking miles in barns, climbing into enclosures, and really getting to know "the clientele."

hog heaven

sound, touch, smell and boots on the ... er... ground. That's his job.

And Jeff loves it. 





It is a maze of identical doors and corridors ... a visitor quickly becomes confused by all the twists and turns. But Jeff Taylor walks these halls with familiarity... a man on a mission.  This is just the earliest of many scheduled stops today... at a contract grower farm in rural Hendricks County to check the herd health and progress of thousands of baby pigs who call this farm home.  

"I try to sneak in first to see how they are sleeping. We want the room a perfect temperature. But if that door creaks, it gets noisy and active fast," he says with a laugh. As a representative of Co-Alliance, Taylor will work with the same group of pigs at a site from shortly after their birth until market day. 

With his years of experience, he can instantly spot one pig out of a thousand who needs a little extra feed...  a little extra care to thrive.

"Every pig we get back on track is a gain for our company. Every little tweak to our feed efficiency or temperature control or practices here translates to more dollars on the bottom line," he says.

Part logistics manager, part production worker, part feed specialist.

Most of all, watching him work, you'd swear Jeff was part piglet pediatrician.

All day, every day, Jeff is on call to help raise lean, strong, healthy hogs.  Co-Alliance markets 300,000 pigs per year through partnerships with contract growers, and Jeff knows it happens one pig at a time.

"Just our pigs help feed more than a million people every year. My job helps put more affordable, high protein pork on Hoosier plates. I've always been a livestock guy... at Co-Alliance, I'm just doing what I love."